Discover the world of SMS e-commerce

  • Cost & time savings

    Keep your customers informed proactively; it prevents many unnecessary inquiries to your customer support team.

  • SMS notificaties, bestel statussen E-commerce

    Increased revenue

    Inform customers about new products and features. This increases your revenue.

  • SMS afsrpaakherinnering - voorkom een no-show


    Keep your customers up-to-date. Use order updates and delivery confirmations. This prevents unnecessary costs and customer inquiries.

Immediate returns

Effective & Cost-saving

  • Plug and play
  • Proactive customer contact
  • More effective & cheaper than email or phone

Always up-to-date

Order updates

Keep your customers up-to-date by sending order updates via SMS. This increases the likelihood that someone will be home to receive the package. This prevents no-shows, resulting in time and cost savings!

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Increase conversion

SMS Marketing

Manage your marketing campaigns via SMS for a better ROI and increased conversion. This can be done through our online SMS-Services platform or fully automated via our API. All data and statistics are available in our platform, allowing you to know exactly where to focus your efforts.


stay in touch

Customer contact

Stay in touch with your customers using SMS, manage everything from one clear dashboard. This can be done manually or even automated through our API. Optionally, receive messages back through your own inbound number.

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