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What is Bulk SMS?

A Bulk SMS, also known as Group SMS, is an SMS message sent to multiple recipients simultaneously. Through the SMS portal, you can easily create an unlimited number of target groups. Send the Bulk SMS to all your customers, associates, or contacts from your phonebook at once.

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Once you’ve integrated SMS-Services with your own system through a straightforward API connection, you can reach all your contacts at once with a personalized SMS message.

  • Simple API Integration
  • Utilize variables
  • Delivery statistics
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Bulk SMS via the API?

With API integration

When you’ve connected SMS-Services to your CRM or ERP system through a straightforward integration with our API, you can reach all your contacts at once with a personalized SMS message. This makes our Bulk SMS service highly suitable for SMS marketing campaigns, for instance. You can use the statistics to verify the successful delivery of Bulk SMS messages and capture any responses.

Without API integration

Sending Bulk SMS can also be done directly from a spreadsheet. An API connection is not required for this method. From the CRM system, the necessary data (for personalization, for example) can be loaded into a CSV file. Even without a CRM system, you can create this CSV file. The bulk SMS tool will place the variables in the right positions within the desired SMS template. Ready to send.

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